Garden Quilts

Brown Eyed Susan Quilt

Good Morning, Quilters and Welcome to The Inbox Jaunt!  We had a record day yesterday-with more than 150 new followers joining us here and on Facebook.  Thank you to Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville and Aurifil Threads for the link-love!  We are thrilled to have you join us!

It has been a wild week around here… I know I have left many of your questions unanswered, but I promise I will answer them in the next few days.  Also, I will have to postpone Open Line Friday’s discussion of Needle Selection.

Instead, I have a story to share…with some interesting images to illustrate my passion for quilting!

See you tomorrow,



10 thoughts on “Garden Quilts

  1. ….I’m not surprised at the numbers….I found you quite by accident and have had a ball reading older posts and cannot wait to try ALL the fmq designs you have so graciously shared. My psychic abilities aren’t even needed to predict you’ll have a very large following before year’s end…..a well-deserved following!

    • Thanks, Sharon. I had fun creating it. I started with a color scheme and a bag of scraps and gave myself a short time limit. It was a great way to work spontaneously and try new techniques. I use this technique to challenge myself every once in a while, and some pieces are more successful than others.

  2. I, too, think this quilt is fantastic. I love the colors and the graceful look of the flower.
    Congrats on the new followers! I have enjoyed my visits here, and I know others will feel the same.

  3. I found your Blog accidentally one day…i cannot remember what led me to it but I bookmarked it and I keep coming back to see what fabulous thing you are doing next. Thank you. This Art Quilt is so pretty. I love how you seem to take a simple idea and then build layer after layer making more and more interesting….and then the freemotion quilting is honestly the “icing on the cake”. I am wondering what size this Quilt is?
    PS, i hope your injured finger is better soon. Seeing that xray was enough to raise my safety awareness a few notches.

    • Teresa, So very glad you found us! Please spread the word to all your quilty friends! The Flower quilt was a rather spontaneously stitched project. I didn’t use a pattern or a sketch, I just started sewing the background together and then I cut out the petals for the flower and arranged them several different ways. Once I had an arrangement I liked, I stitched the flower onto the background. I have made several small quilts in this way–and not all of them have been as successful. The quilt is about 20 by 28 inches??

      Got my stitches out today and I am on “the mend”–so to speak!

      Let me know whenever you have questions…

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