This Week’s Tutorial-The Basic Leaf

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting TutorialGood Morning, Patient Quilters!  Sorry about the delay this week.  A little busy here at the Kennedy household…

Minnesota trees are in full color right now and I am inspired every time I look out the window.  In honor of the season, I am offering The Basic Leaf.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting TutorialStart by drawing three “rails”.  In the sample below, the lines are one inch apart.

Begin stitching on the middle “rail”.  Stitch a curved line and stop on the middle rail.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Reverse direction and stitch the mirror image back to your starting point.  (Leave a small gap–see photo below.)

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Next, stitch a squiggly line to create the veins on the left side of your leaf.  Keep the lines away from the center line.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

At the top of the leaf, stop and then stitch a straight line down the center rail.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Stitch the right veins with the squiggle stitch.  Then stitch out of the leaf and you are ready to begin the next leaf in the row!

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

For variation- replace the squiggle lines with pointy lines.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

This motif is a great leaf on ANY quilt.  The leaf is a classic motif.  It can look modern and it can look traditional.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

After you complete the row of leaves, experiment with filling in the open space.

In the photos below, I added a few curls and swirls.

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Each one is a little different, so I can’t do a tutorial on it, but if you would like I could design a repeatable pattern for a tutorial.  Try a few variations.  See what you come up with–and post them on Flickr HERE!–Perhaps a challenge???

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Have fun with this design, and try your own variations within the leaf as well!

The Basic Leaf Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Happy Halloween!


PS-All designs, photos and tutorials are copyrighted by Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt.  Feel free to pin and re-blog with attribution.  Commercial use requires permission from the author.

51 thoughts on “This Week’s Tutorial-The Basic Leaf

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these tutorials. I just found your blog last week and have been going through your archived material as fast as I can. I’ve been a hand quilter for 37+ years and just started fmq’ing a year or so ago. I’ve got a LONG way to go before the machine quilting is as good as my hand-quilting…but I love the speed of actually finishing things…lol. Thanks again…this is a wonderful tutorial for this time of year…and I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating a tute on the added swirls to make a repeated version. Blessings….

    • I love hand quilting–but I have so many ideas swirling in my head–that I need the speed of FMQ. I’m glad you are enjoying the tutorials. I will work on a swirl to add to this pattern. The leaf really stands alone, but I love the fuller pattern, too!

  2. Thanks for the tutorials! Found you site about a month ago, and I love it! I haven’t tried anything yet! Sew machine is getting fix and cleaned right know, as soon as I get it back I will start.

  3. I have recently started following your blog and love your free motion quilting tutorials. However, I love your weekly tutorials but can’t always find them again on your blog, such as the pumpkin. Do i need to keep all your emails or will these eventually be posted on your blog under Free Motion Quilting Tutorials?

    • Hi Sheila, That is a great question…All of the tutorials are available on the blog and I have no plans to remove any of them at this time. Sometimes I forget to add a link to a tutorial on the Tutorial Page–please let me know whenever you notice this. I will correct it right away. It is still in the Tuesday Tutorial posts if you scroll back far enough. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  4. Wow, I ‘m going to order a free motion foot for my singer sewing machine and try and do this. I’ve never done this before so it will be interesting. Thankyou for inspiring me

  5. Hello from another Minnesotan! (Rochester) What lovely quilt work you do and I love these leaves. I think your design is simple and lovely. I hope to try it soon. Wish me luck! You make it look easy. 😀

  6. Hi, Lori – WOW! You have done such a wonderful job with this blog and I know why. When I read your responses to the many, many wonderful comments, I can just feel tour warm kindness and friendliness that I found (in person) 22 years ago. An absolutely beautiful blog!!

  7. When stitching these leaves, are you going “north” (i.e. “up) when you continue to the next leaf? Thanks.

    • Yes. I usually stitch up to the next leaf. After you’ve stitched them for awhile, you may be able to stitch them upside down as well which comes in handy when you are quilting a very large piece!

  8. estoy encantada de entrar en este grupo, recien comprando mi maquina para patchworks,pero estoy enloquecida de ver tus hermosos tutoriales.comenzare con uno facil, y enviare fotos.Solo quiero preguntarte , en instagram que debo hacer,me encanto un esquema pero no se puede bajar, ni imprimir como tus tutoriales, pueden decirme que hacer.una super novata en patchworks.

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