My Kind of Halloween Treat

Pin Pillows

I still have quite a bit of fabric leftover from my Halloween projects this year…(See HERE and HERE).    I really like large pin cushions-especially when I am working on an applique project because I like to thread several needles at a time. ( I prefer long pin cushions because the thread doesn’t get tangled.)  In a nod to the upcoming holiday,  I treated myself to a new pin cushion.  (You can, too—there’s a similar tutorial HERE.)

Large Pin Cushion Halloween

Of course, before Halloween is over, I’ll probably treat myself to a few Milk-Duds, Tootsie Rolls, licorice

What’s your favorite Halloween treat?


13 thoughts on “My Kind of Halloween Treat

  1. My favorite treat in my old age is York Mints, but I gained my first extra 50 pounds on M&Ms…..the next 50 extra pounds was on butterfingers. The other 20 on Yorks. Love the pin cushion!

  2. my son is deathly allergic to peanuts, so when he was a child, our home was peanut free…BUT I LOVE peanuts. So my fav treats are Oh Henry and Reeses Peanutbutter cups

  3. It is my firm belief that chocolate only exists to enclose nuts – especially pecans. So my favorite Halloween treat would be what we know as “Turtles”. A second choice is Butterfingers or chocolate covered peanuts.

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