Halloween–Projects in Progress

Halloween Quilting ProjectsA few weeks ago, I purchased a few yards of fabric for Halloween-and really have had fun combining them for different projects.  I finished the table square below last week.

Halloween Quilting Projects

I found the little pumpkin tags at my local quilt shop, Bear Patch Quilting.  I love the touch it adds!

Halloween Quilting ProjectsWhen I was finished, I was on a log cabin roll, so I kept on going…Love these pillows with the raven pillow!

Halloween Quilting ProjectsThe pillows went off to my daughter’s house…

Halloween Quilting ProjectsThough Ruby thought they’d look great in her pad!

Halloween Quilting Projects

I still have more fabric and a week until Halloween…

Hope you had time to try The Squiggle Square and The Perfect Pumpkin tutorials.

Please join us on Friday for a discussion about marking tools.  I am always in search of The Perfect Marking Pen—does it exist???


10 thoughts on “Halloween–Projects in Progress

  1. Adorable projects! I especially like the table square. I will have to check out your pumpkin tutorial.

  2. What is a tag? Are you referring to the little table top quilt? Tag is a game kids play, or the price tag hanging from an item. I’m learning a new definition, I suppose.

    • LOL! The “tag” here means label. In the left corner of the table quilt, I stitched a pumpkin label. The label often has a manufacturer’s logo, but the “tags” I found at the quilt store were just pumpkins and cats. The photo isn’t perfect–the tag is small…

  3. Hi Lori, I love all those projects! There’s just something about orange, isn’t there? It pops. I finally could find those tags, & they are ADORABLE!! I have some like it from a quilt shop I visited that say “PS I love you”, & I try to use those on any project form my family. But those pumpkins tags are too cute & just the right little touch to an already beautiful bunch of projects. Thanks for sharing free motion quilting ideas, too!

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