Work In Progress-The Spider Web Quilt

Spider Web Quilt

Thank you to all of you who sent advice and good wishes my way after yesterday’s trauma…(Read more HERE). I was surprised to hear how many of you had also stitched right through your fingers!  Fortunately, the needle did not go through my nail–like it did for some of you– I am recovering nicely, (as is my Bernina) thank you!  As a result of my injury, I avoided dishes and gardening yesterday and instead worked on my little Spider Web quilt.

Free Motion Quilting, Spider WebI hope you had time to try The Spider Web.  (See tutorial HERE)  As you can see, I chose the more menacing spider for my web.

Free Motion Quilting, Spider WebI used two colors of thread for this quilt:  Blue-gray Aurifil for the web and spider and dark orange Sulky for  the background.  By stitching the background swirls in orange, they recede to the background and allow the web to move to the foreground. 

Free Motion Quilting, Spider Web

I think this little quilt will look great on my table with a bowl of candy corn.

Free Motion Quilting, Spider Web

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet?  It’s on sale in all the stores already…I plan to wait until Halloween.  Quilting and chocolate go together way too well!

Next week we’ll be quilting…let’s just say it’s more Halloween for the Tuesday Tutorial next week…

If you have any questions for Open Line Friday, please let me know.


16 thoughts on “Work In Progress-The Spider Web Quilt

  1. That quilting is AMAZING! so pretty, I still can’t believe some people are able to do that at home. Someday I will master quilting on my domestic machine.

  2. Your quilting is so amazing! Have you thought about teaching? I would travel to take a class with you. Please consider it!

  3. This is so beautiful. You are so talented to look at a blank piece of orange fabric and see this idea. You are truly an artist only your canvas is fabric!

  4. Love what you’ve done with the background around the web! Just came home from the store with s’more flavored candy corn — haven’t opened the bag yet — hard to imagine one could improve on the flavor of candy corn!

  5. I missed the bit about your accident, but I do love this little quilt. The spider totally makes it, and I’m not a spider fan in real life. Glad you’re on the mend.

  6. I have a real spider phobia so would NEVER EVER put a spider on anything … but your quilting is gorgeous.

  7. Your spider web is stunning. I sat here with my jaw open when I saw it. I just found your blog while I was at Freshly Pieced and will be following your blog.

  8. I love it! You come up with such great ideas! What do you use for batting? do you spray baste your smaller pieces??

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