9 thoughts on “What Made You Laugh This Week?

  1. I’m sure I laughed…. probably inappropriately… this week. But your second picture… resembles my thinking pattern too…. but my thoughts – particularly the sub and sub-sub thoughts are fewer… but my process usually moves out a few degrees further … using the ‘What IF question’ which would be called “Thought Chasing….”

  2. I laughed. I laughed more when I realized many of my bubbles would be filled with “what was I just thinking about” or “what was I looking for?”

  3. While changing my 5 month old granddaughter’s diaper, trying to contain the poop, she started laughing, as if to say “Good luck, Grammy”, I started laughing at her laughing at me! A bath was soon the only solution!

  4. Hehe 😀 I just blogged about my laugh this week. Scott’s fellow worker walked in on us all visiting together and asked if the “Flight Commander” mini was a super-cool dart board quilt. It was great!

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