Work In Progress–The Pumpkin Mini-Quilt

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

Every year on our quilt retreat, a small group of us make a “mini-quilt” in addition to the Big Project being taught at the retreat.  This year, our theme was pumpkins.  It started with some strips of orange fabric and a Halloween cat fabric for backing.

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

We all just free-formed our quilts, using the log cabin (my favorite) as the basic pattern.

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

After I finished my pumpkins, I auditioned them on several backgrounds…

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

My sister assembled her pumpkins in a strip…

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

I went with a dark background and an informal two-by-two arrangement.

Pumpkin Log Cabin Quilit

And guess what??? I machine quilted the mini quilts for my two sisters and they stitched my binding!!!  Woo-hoo!

I have more orange fabric…and there is still 29 more days until Halloween…I’m going to stitch a whole pumpkin patch!  Won’t you join me?


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18 thoughts on “Work In Progress–The Pumpkin Mini-Quilt

  1. I love the fabric with the writing on it can you tell me the name of it please I have been looking for something like it. I love that you get to go away with family each year xx

    • That was a small cut of fabric we got from one of the ladies at the quilt retreat. I would love to get more,too! I have posted a note on Facebook to see if anyone can help us find it. The typewriter fabric is from Andover-by Alison Gilmore and is a 2013 print. If you find any handwriting fabric, would you please let me know?

    • From what I can find, it looks to be from an out of print line by Nancy Wolff called “Cats on the Loose” . The fabric might be called Kitty Talk – Crazy Kitty Words. I found some that sold on Etsy in black with white writing.

    • Hi lori I have found some script fabric it is michael miller old script black retro vintage hand writing text font. It’s not the same as you had but all I have found so far as I’m in the uk, if I find any more I will let you know. Xx

  2. I Love the wonky pumpkins! I will have to make a pumpkin patch of my own! I also love the witch quilt! It’s sort of like a halloween, sunbonnet sue!

  3. Violet Craft’s Madrona Road collection (Michael Miller) has a nice handwriting print called Memoir. It is black on white and white on black.

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