A Drive in the Country

Hydrangeas, White BarnLast week, I went on an annual quilt retreat  along with my Mother and two of my sisters–a fall tradition we have maintained for nearly 15 years.  The retreat is near Galena, Illinois and is always held in late September or early October-just as the fall colors are turning.  I love the drive almost as much as the retreat!

Hydrangeas, White BarnI took several “photo-detours” along the way and will be sharing the photos over the next week or two.

Hydrangeas, Fall ColorsThese photos were taken at Read’s Creek Nursery in Wisconsin.

Hydrangeas, White Barn

Horse, Weather Vane, Blue skyWe have a busy week ahead at The Inbox Jaunt:  new tutorials, new quilts to share, and on Open Line Friday, we’ll be discussing sizing, starch and Best Press-and anything else YOU would like to discuss!

I can’t wait to share some new ideas, products, and quilts from the retreat!–But first, I have to unpack and get the laundry started…ho-hum!


12 thoughts on “A Drive in the Country

  1. That sounds like so much fun! My daughter and I were just talking this weekend about doing something like that together. We live about 8 hours away from each other so we want to have some more mother-daughter times. We have so much fun when we’re together… whether it’s sewing, crafting, cooking, shopping, whatever! The photos you posted are simply beautiful! We are just beginning to look at retreat possibilities for next year. Do you have any favorites you could recommend?

  2. I have family in Galena. It’s especially beautiful at this time of year. Is this a personal family only retreat, or are you joining a larger group? I’ve recently found your blog and I’m enjoying your tutorials and quilting ideas.

    • I love Galena-beautiful countryside, great history, and some really nice restaurants and shops! The retreat is a small retreat offered by two quilt instructors from the area. If you want more information, let me know.

  3. How fun a week end for you with your sisters and mom. I’m going on one with my 3 sisters, a couple of sister in laws and a niece in two weeks. They are always special.
    Don’t have to drive as long as you as it’s at my sister’s home just south of Duluth.
    You’re doing good to have maintained going for that number of years especially with the long drive, but should say my niece comes up from KC, KS so that’s about the same drive as you.
    Enjoy your pictures!

  4. The photos are just beautiful.
    My sister and I live 3 hours apart. I in the North Georgia Mtns. and she in East TN. We get together for Quilt shows every year. So much fun and such wonderful memories.

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