6 thoughts on “Walk the Dog!

  1. Took my Lexie, Standard Poodle for a walk today. Weather is cooling here in Phoenix. The heat of summer prevents walks on hot pavement and temps. We visited with neighbors and pups. >>>> THEN, the dreaded Jake Russell appeared. Lexie and the JR are not friendly. Owner lets the demon off leash (often) and it runs to attack any dog in site. I tried to remove my Lexie from the “scene” early but she freaked, tangled me in the leash and down I went. I was mad at JR owner, JR and Lexie. Not a good day. Retreated to completing a quilt top assembly…. sandwich tomorrow.

    • Oh my! I owned a Jack Russell once–for six months–we had to give it to a rescue because he was such a difficult puppy–so I can visualize the whole thing! So glad you had quilting to comfort you! Better find a new walking path in the future!

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