The Marigold Centerpiece in Four Easy Steps


Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Ever since the 1960s, when the Marigold lost out to the Rose as the American National Flower, the lowly marigold has suffered a bit of an inferiority complex.  It need not be so…after all, the lovely marigolds are still blooming strong in our fall gardens, while most roses have lost their bloom.   Besides, the cheery marigold is just as pretty as any rose (in my humble opinion) in my fall centerpiece!

You, too, can help us encourage the humble marigold by creating this lovely centerpiece.  All you need is a bowl, floral foam, marigolds and a few dried flowers.

How to Make a Marigold Centerpiece

Begin with a shallow bowl.  I prefer a footed bowl, but any bowl will work.

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Cut oasis floral foam to fit your bowl and water generously.

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Add the marigolds to the oasis...

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Arranging evenly around the bowl.

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Finally, add purple and blue dried flowers.

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

That’s it!  This gorgeous centerpiece will last more than a week.

Marigold Centerpiece, How-to

Don’t forget to water!


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10 thoughts on “The Marigold Centerpiece in Four Easy Steps

  1. Lovely. I really like your color combination. You have a good eye for color —must be all that practice from quilting. :> Thank you for adding beauty to the day.

  2. Its so funny you posted this because just this morning I was telling my husband how I don’t think marigolds are pretty and then you post this. I love love love this arrangement!! The colors are amazing together. Thanks for proving me so very wrong!

    • What funny timing! I love marigolds–I love that they bloom long after everything else has faded–and they are so laden with flowers that one doesn’t mind cutting them for an indoor centerpiece. Do you have any in your garden this year? If not, don’t miss out next year!

  3. I have always loved marigolds, unfortunately where I live now, the slugs love them too. But they will always be a favorite for me. Thanks for posting some lovely pictures that remind me of growing up!

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