Work in Progress Wednesday–The Sunflower Sampler

Quilt, Free Motion Quilting, Sunflower

I would like to welcome all the new quilters that found us this week!  Welcome to The Inbox Jaunt!  It seems we received a very nice recommendation from quilt-fiction author, Marie Bostwick.  You can find her on Facebook HERE or find her books HERE.  Thank you to Marie, and all her fans who have joined us!  Also, thank you to those of you who mentioned how you found us– I am always curious!

As the Minnesota temperatures begin to drop –(It was 96 F last week and is 65 F this week.) –autumn themes are swirling in my head…leaves, corn, pumpkins, sunflowers…

Sunflower Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

As I watched Sunday’s episode of Breaking Bad (any other fans out there?)  I was doodling.  Most of the doodles are uninspired,  but I thought I’d give this one a go.  I used Sulky on top and Aurifil on the bottom.  (I usually like the finer weight Sulky, but this matched better.)  I set my machine for a little free motion fun (See Seven Steps to Free Motion Quilting HERE.), put a Topstitch 80 in my Bernina 820  and I was off to the races!

Sunflower Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

Whenever possible, I like to use a fun backing fabric.  This was in my stash–perfect!

Sunflower Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

I stitched a “sampler” of stitches around the sunflower, alternating curvy and linear designs.  You may notice the Braided Wheat border. (see yesterday’s tutorial HERE)   I have not doodled a good corner treatment, so I stitched squares in the corners.  This is a great way to handle corners when you aren’t sure how to turn your border pattern.  I like the extra design elements in the corners.

Sunflower Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

The only problem with this quilt—I now have a stack of thirty mini quilts that require binding…

Sunflower Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

I think I’ll go weed…(Another of my dreaded favorite tasks!)

TIP:  The next time you’re doing a little stitching, try mixing it up with a “sampler” of stitches.  It adds interest and is a great way to practice all of those tutorials!

TIP 2:  Don’t fret when you don’t know how to turn a corner with your border pattern.  Use the corners as an opportunity to add a design element.  (No one will be the wiser—unless, like me, YOU tell them!

Happy stitching,


39 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday–The Sunflower Sampler

  1. Lori, I have the large version of the latest Supreme Sliders, and love it. It sticks (aggressively!) to my Sew Steady table. Absolutely no tape required like the older version did.

  2. Beautiful, Lori! You have inspired me to experiment. I just bought a Babylock Tiara and LOVE it so now I have a new tip to use it some more! Thank you.

  3. I love what you are doing here, for my practise samplers ie mini quilts I have made each of them into table mats for the dining room table, and I are up to number 16 now.

  4. The table mats idea is a great one for the tutorial practice pieces. I just read in a decorating magazine that entertaining is “more casual” now with the recommendation to use placemats instead of table cloths. I love the tutorials, thanks Lori.

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome. This sampler is absolutely beautiful. And I hear you on the binding–not always my favorite part and I mess it up spectacularly quite often. But it’s so pretty when it is all bound and done.

  6. Lori
    It is beautiful! I am going to try some of your techniques on a small Halloween wall decoration I am working on.
    You are the only other person I know with a Tiara!


  7. Hi Lori, sorry I cannot find a private email address for you. I would like to ask permission to use one of your fmq designs on a fmq quilt-as-you-go design I am putting together for my local quilt shop. Maybe you could email me so I can ask you properly 🙂 Thank you, Raewyn Barge
    PS Love your work and your blog!!!

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  9. Lori,
    Just ran across this, see that this post was a few years back. Wondering if you sell your quilts or ever accept a project for pay. I absolutely love this quilt and would love to have one. Work full time and have a 97 year old mom, so chances of me learning to do this any time soon are not too good, lol. Anyway, let me know. It’s absolutely beautiful.

  10. Why don’t you stitch all the mini quilts into a couple of big quilts that will already be quilted. Project done. Less time binding minis.

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