Tuesday Tutorial-Braided Wheat

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


Today’s Tuesday Tutorial is inspired by the many beautiful fall grasses that grow in the gardens across Minnesota.  Karl Foerster is one of my favorites…Wheat.web

Braided Wheat would look great on any fall-inspired quilt and though it looks complicated, it’s easy once it is broken down into steps.  After a few practice doodles, you will get into a little see-saw rhythm and be able to stitch this very quickly.

Begin by drawing three evenly spaced lines or “rails”.  In the sample below, the lines are 3/4 inch apart.

Begin stitching on the center rail.  Stitch up a few stitches, curve toward the left rail, stitch along the rail several stitches, then stop.

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Reverse directions and stitch down toward the center rail.  Stitch a loop on the center rail.  (I’m a little off in the photo below–oops!)

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt TutorialNow stitch up to the right rail and stop.

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt TutorialStitch down toward the loop and stop in the middle of your loop.

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Next, echo-quilt next to your first loop toward the left rail.  Now you are ready to begin again.Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

This pattern looks complicated, but with a little practice, it is easy to stitch.  It is my new favorite border and I hope it will find a home on your next quilt.

Wheat Braid, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Tomorrow is Work In Progress Wednesday-please stop by to see Braided Wheat on a small piece I am quilting...


Until then, Keep Doodling!


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36 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial-Braided Wheat

  1. Lori, you are amazing. This design is beautiful and you did an excellent job explaining.
    I so look forward to seeing your email on Tuesday mornings. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  2. Lori, I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks, and I love seeing your tutorials on
    Tuesday morning. I’ve already incorporated many of your designs into my quilting repertoire! Thank you for your inspiration!


  3. This design is marvellous ! I like it, really ! And your explanations are excellent for me !! With them, I hope be successful at doing it myself.
    Do you understand what I want to say ??? hum! hum ! hum!
    thank you very much.

  4. I love this for borders! Kinda feather-like but easier and more interesting. Can you tell us how do the corners if it was used in the border? Thank you, Amie

    • Hi Amie, I’m so glad you like The Braided Wheat. I haven’t quite worked out the corner treatment. For now, I just used a different pattern in the corner–this is a great way to make your quilt look neat when the corner challenge has not been worked out…

  5. I love all of your designs but especially this one. I also would love to see how you would turn the corner of a border. Thank you so much for your blog. It is award winning!

    • Hi Joy,
      I haven’t figured out a good way to turn the corner yet–it will require a bit more doodling. Tomorrow I will feature the border in a small quilt, with a square in the corner. It is a good way to finish a corner when you’re not sure how to make the turn.

  6. You always make it look so easy as well as beautiful and doable even for a novice like me! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Dortha

    • You are so welcome! It is all do-able! One step at a time —just follow the photos on paper first and then you’ll create the muscle memory to help you when you stitch the motif.

  7. My poor brain can’t cope with this one just can’t get it practise practise. Thank you lori another lovely design xxx

  8. Hi, Lori One of my favorite authors, Marie Bostwick, mentioned your website in her email I received today! Girl, you’ve gotta make some money using your skills!! Perhaps Craftsy should feature you too!! Best wishes to you. Oh, I love this tutorial too.

    • Thanks for letting me know how so many new people joined us today–I was wondering…

      I’m exploring ways to pay some bills…and I would love to hear some recommendations.

      Thank you for your encouragement. Please enjoy the tutorials!

  9. I so look forward to your blog everyday and especially the Tuesday tutorials. I love to doodle your designs every evening. I have my muslin sandwiches ready to practice this new design tomorrow morning. I’ve decided the reason I like your designs so much is because they flow, have a nice rhythm whether doodling or quilting.

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  11. These are beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to generously share your artistry with us lowly folk! Wonderful!

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  13. I love your quilting. And your tutorials that are complete with all the step outs make it so easy to replicate.
    I was wondering what you use to mark your quilts with and how do you erase those marks?

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