Weird Potato Chips and a Fall Quilt

Fall Quilt

This quilt is one of my favorites for autumn.  I love all the colors of early fall-purples and oranges paired with golden wheat and brown.

Fall Quilt, Free Motion Quilting, Stencils

In this heavily quilted wall hanging or table-topper, I combined stencils with my version of Doodle quilting.  You may recognize the fabrics by designer, Kaffe Fassett. 

Fall Quilt, Free Motion Quilting, Stencils

In the body of the quilt, I stitched an overall pattern-without reference to the pieced triangles below.  This technique causes the quilting line (the Free Motion Quilting) to become more dominant than it would otherwise.  Also, the stenciled motifs “pop” because of the heavy quilting around them.

Fall Quilt, Free Motion Quilting, Stencils

In the border, I chose a linear pattern to offer relief from the heavy curves in the body of the quilt.  (Read more about Contrast HERE.)

Fall Quilt, Free Motion Quilting, Stencils

My son chose these chips at the store today.  While they seem to match my quilt nicely, I’m not sure they’re for me…

Fall Quilt, Free Motion Quilting, Stencils

It is often a challenge to chose the right quilting for our quilt tops. We will be discussing that more in the weeks ahead...

Would you eat these chips?


PS–I reluctantly admit–I liked them!??

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31 thoughts on “Weird Potato Chips and a Fall Quilt

  1. I really like your choices, this quilt especially neat. I am very fond of Kaffe Fassett fabric anyhow. I look forward to your tutorials on machine quilting also. I just finished dancing umbrella quilt, being long arm quilted now thank you so much for all your input

  2. Oh my, that is beautiful! I get so inspired after viewing your work. Sorry, no I would not eat the chips, I am one of those people that eat as close to Paleo as I can. Lori you do such an awesome job and even though I don’t comment often, I am always looking and very excited to see what you have to say. Awesome

      • Lori, I have been doing this for just over a year. Follow it pretty closely, absolutely no grain at all, no dairy and if i do any sugar, it is with honey, but that is rare. Only consume the grain in the protein because where I live, it is hard to find grass fed proteins. I did this because I had already given up dairy and sugar, and I came across Robb Wolf on utube and he made a lot of good points to why this is a healthy way to eat. I have made it through all of the holidays this past year, and was able to easily enjoy myself! This works for me. Good luck to you if you try it!

  3. We actually have a chicken and waffle local chain of restaurants here in Phoenix. Try getting a table on the weekends! They are lined up out the door…I might look for these-just for a kick!

  4. Lori, this quilt is gorgeous. I love your approach re ignoring pieced seams, and just going for the all over look. Do you have a favorite source for your stencils?

  5. This is a beautiful quilt! I love the colors and the quilting is outstanting!
    I’m not sure I would like those chips either -lol-
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  6. Oh Lays – they are testing some interesting flavoured chip sup here in Canada too, where we already have other companies that make weird flavour (roast chicken, lobster..)

  7. I have never had Chicken and waffles and thought the chips would be awful but I was wrong. The chips are GREAT!! It is a good thing that I can’t find them in this town.

  8. Love the quilting on this tabletopper. Chicken and Waffle chips? It goes on the yucky list with Dill Pickle chips I tried last summer….

    • Karen, I didn’t like the Dill Pickle Chips either–even though I like the real thing. I’m not a huge fan of waffles and I’ve never had waffles and chicken, but I kinda liked them!

  9. I LOVE the quilt, it’s absolutely stunning! I envy your talent! And no, I don’t think I would try the chips! Funny combination, though! (I am a sour cream and onion gal!)

  10. The quilt is lovely, but I have to say that I have been looking for those chips every time I go into the store. My son is dying to try them. 🙂

  11. Someone once said don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food. I think these fit in that category of “pretend foods”. Gorgeous quilt though.

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