Tuesday Tutorial–Twisted Rope

Twisting Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial


Welcome Quilters!  Did you know that there are nearly 200 countries in the world?  I’m happy to report that quilters from 122 different countries have viewed tutorials from The Inbox Jaunt!  That means that quilting is a world wide pastime!   Of course, I’m not surprised–because I am passionate about quilting…Now how can we get The Inbox Jaunt into the other 75 countries???  Hmm…we’ll have to save that for another day because we have some stitching to do right now!

Today, I have an easy (beginner) pattern for you that is a real work horse.  The Twisted Rope looks great on any quilt.  It is a classic look.  Wouldn’t it look great on a nautical quilt?   When I stitched the variation in the center of this quilt—with the squiggly fill-in lines–I thought it would look great in red on a Christmas quilt–like candy canes. (I will add a tutorial in December of the candy cane variation.)  This pattern can be scaled up or down depending on your quilt.

For this tutorial, draw two lines 1-1/2 inches apart.

Begin stitching on the left rail.  Stitch upward several stitches and then sweep across to the other rail. Stitch ON the rail for approximately 1/2 inch.  Stop here.

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

(NOTE--In order to keep a smooth stitched line, do not stop in the middle of this “sweep”.  If you need to adjust your quilt, wait until you are at the top of the sweep and before you are ready to change directions.)

Next, stitch down a few stitches, then sweep back to the left rail again, stitching ON the left rail toward the first sweep line, but do no close the line.  Try to make your second “sweep” parallel to the first one.

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Now stitch ON the rail line approximately 1/2 inch and begin your next sweep to the right rail.  Again, try to keep this line of stitching parallel to the first two “sweeps”.

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

A nice way to vary this pattern is to change the spacing between the “sweeps”.  In the examples above, the spacing is even.  In the examples below, the sweep from right to left is just a few stitches above the previous line of stitching.

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

After completing each column of twisted ropes, stitch a straight line on both the right and left rails to close the gaps and give the rope more definition.

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

This pattern looks great paired with a curvy motif.

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Easy and fun! (Can’t say that about stippling, now can you?)

Twisted Rope, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial


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Now turn off your computers, and get stitching!

See you tomorrow, I am reviving an old apple project and I need your advice…(Don’t forget to submit YOUR questions for OPEN LINE Friday.)


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  1. This is great..I’ve been trying to figure out this design for sometime and know I know why I couldn’t do it, it was the disconnect to start the next one..your amazing!

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