Whatever Does this Mean?

Free Motion Quilt Font


The entire time I was stitching this I was wondering…is this a nice thing to say to someone and immortalize on a quilt? (I know what you’re thinking, maybe I should have checked that out before I started quilting…)

See The Oxford Dictionary

To all my readers today…

YOU are the flea’s eyebrows,



10 thoughts on “Whatever Does this Mean?

  1. Do bees have knees?… we need an entomologist. … and if they don’t – how is that a compliment? Interesting dilemma. We may need to consult the supreme know it all…Google…. for the origin of that saying.

  2. Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I love your handwriting Lori, I’ve tried handwriting and it doesn’t turn out to look anything like my own handwriting which is probably very good cause my handwriting is horrible, even I can’t read it at ties. And I wonder do bee’s knees get calloused?

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