Work In Progress-Polka Dots and Aprons

Apron, Sewing

This Wednesday’s Work In Progress is a skirt apron–for all the cooking and baking I’m going to be doing…??? (It is sooo hot in Minnesota right now that no one even cares about eating! )  Maybe I will wear this cute little apron while I am stirring the lemonade!

I found this free pattern at my local quilt shop a few weeks ago.  Once I saw the polka dot fabric, I knew it was coming home with me!  Who doesn’t love polka dots–especially on red!

Apron, Sewing


I could not obtain the pattern for you, but if you Google “free apron patterns” there are many options available online.

Apron, Sewing


Apron, Sewing


TIP:  If your pattern calls for interfacing the waistband, replace the interfacing with lightweight batting and free motion quilt it in place.

Apron, Sewing


The result is a much more comfortable waistband–and more importantly, you get to practice one of your favorite free motion quilting motifs!  WIN! WIN!

(NOTE–You don’t need to have a backing fabric when you free motion quilt.)

Apron, Sewing


Apron, Sewing

This is the closest I get to garment sewing these days–and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.  I think I will look for a few more apron patterns…I need a full apron next time–I’m known to splash the flour around a bit when I bake!

Apron, Sewing

What are YOU working on this week?

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13 thoughts on “Work In Progress-Polka Dots and Aprons

  1. Cute additions to your photos this morning!! The creative bug surely lives at your house. Love the apron and your fabric choices. I have never heard of blankquilting fabrics before. I am looking at their website next!!

  2. I love your apron- your fabric choices make my day- bright and cheerful. It is true about the full length apron——if you’re not wearing it to be decorative all the splashes occur in the mid section.

  3. I love aprons – not so much to wear, but have hanging in the kitchen as a decorative piece. I too love polka dots…especially in red.

  4. Nothing beats a frilly pinny! I made one earlier in the year for our local Food co-ops Open Day where I was helping to man the tea and cake stand – as did the other helpers with me, it added (I hope) a bit of charm to the event! Yours looks fab – nothing better than polka dots….

  5. Add my name to the polka dot lovers club.

    Lori, please let us know what you think of the apron once it’s been used. The aprons I’ve bought at the store are all canvas (heavier than quilting cotton), and I am curious about how well this lighter weight fabric will work.

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