Iphoneography-Printing Photos

Print Studio, Iphoneography

I have been having a lot of fun with my Iphone camera and all the apps available for smartphones.  I will be sharing more of my Iphone images both here and on Instagram.  (You can follow The Inbox Jaunt on Instagram now–see the sidebar and click the first image or search The Inbox Jaunt through your Instagram app.)

Recently, someone recommended Print Studio for ordering photos directly from your smart phone camera roll.

Print Studio, Iphoneography

The process was very simple.  I was able to chose the photos from my camera roll with a tap of the finger, and within minutes my first order was placed.

Print Studio offers four sizes.  I chose their Mini-Prints (2-1/8 by 3-3/8 inches) –about the size of my Iphone screen.  I printed both square and rectangular photos on the Mini Print size, and I particularly love the borders left on the square prints.  I think they will be great for adding captions and notes.


Print Studio, Iphoneography


The images are printed on heavy archival quality paper with a smooth matte finish.  I’m a huge fan already and I can’t wait to order more!

Print Studio, Iphoneography


I have been sampling a lot of Iphone apps lately and will be sharing my favorites with you. I have found several photography, art, organizational and other apps I love (and quite a few that I didn’t like at all.)  What are your favorite apps?  Let’s get a list going…are there any quilting apps?  I haven’t searched that yet.

Print Studio, Iphoneography


In other news, I have had several questions about free motion quilting that I would like to highlight later in the week for everyone to help solve.  If you have any questions that you would like everyone to discuss, please leave a comment.  I read all comments and try to answer directly.  Lately, I have been doing battle with my blogging software…please be patient and if I haven’t answered your question, please write again…


6 thoughts on “Iphoneography-Printing Photos

  1. Can’t wait to hear more about the photo apps you did like. I’m looking for ones that will take a photo that I can enter right into my blog without re-sizing. If you have one that takes a smaller size, I’d love to hear about it.
    There are quilting apps like the Quilt Shop Locator that is very useful, and Kaufman has an app and well as some others.

  2. I have not found a quilting app yet, I’m still enamored with EQ! My fav apps are Grocery IQ (if I have my phone, I have my list! You can type it, scan the UPC or tell it what you want…and put it on the appropriate aisle!) and IExit (tells you what services are available at the upcoming exits. VERY handy when dealing with hungry teens!) I will be watching to see what other people like!

  3. My favorite apps are camera focused: Camera+, whitagram (for uploading images that aren’t square to instagram) and 645 PRO MKII (beautiful black and white images). I also love “voice recorder” which is great for recording a meeting or a discussion or your favorite person’s voice.

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