WIP-Home Sweet Home and The Creative Process

Home Sweet Home, Free Motion Quilting

Today is Work-in-Progress Wednesday.  I have so many works in progress that I would need a month (or two) of Wednesdays to show them all.  Home Sweet Home is a theme swirling in my head right now.  I decided it was time to test a few of my ideas on fabric.  Some of these patterns are already tutorials:  See Row Houses HERE, The Townhouse HERE and The Picket Fence HERE.    I am trying to incorporate more lettering in my quilting as well.  I like the personal touch it can add.  Read more about lettering HERE.

Home Sweet Home, Free Motion Quilting

This is a very preliminary piece where I tried to stitch  out some of my ideas.   I also incorporated a few of the doodles from my notebook.   Once I choose a theme for a quilt, I go back and forth between stitching and doodling.  Some of the doodles do not translate well to stitching.  Whenever possible, I create continuous line designs from my sketches.  (Continuous line designs allow quilters to stitch without stopping and knotting. )  Once I have several motifs worked out, I will begin a large quilt.  I never totally pre-plan all of my free motion quilting.  Most of it is spontaneous-using all of my samples (many of which are in the tutorials above.)

Home Sweet Home, Free Motion Quilting

I’d love to hear how you dive into a large project.  Do you stitch, doodle, stitch, doodle like me?  Do you follow a pattern?  Do you stitch a quilt from beginning to end or do you work on several projects at a time?

I am fascinated by the creative process and will be writing more about it in the weeks ahead.

If you would like to share your projects, please send a photo to my e-mail: Lckennedy@hotmail.com.  I will be setting up a Flickr group for all of us to share photos… on My September To Do List

7 thoughts on “WIP-Home Sweet Home and The Creative Process

  1. A Flickr group would be lovely.
    Generally I have several project in the pipeline of my own and then there are the projects I do for others thrown in the mix too. I try to get at least 2-3 projects completed a month.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Lori, this is FANTABULOUS. 😀 My methods of madness? – oh, I am as eclectic in my modes of operandi as I am in my tastes for quilts! It’s a very fluid thing, how I approach a new project, depending on the personality of the project, the intended meaning, the techniques used, the source (or lack) of inspiration. Sometimes a patter, more often figuring it out on my own. Sometimes careful plotting of math and fabrics, sometimes free-bird winging. Love it all.

  3. Lori, I would love to see your ideas from sketches to doodles to fabric. I think the process of transferring an idea from one’s head to different mediums is fascinating, how an idea becomes reality.

  4. I so enjoy your blog. You are very generous to share your knowledge. I have created a ‘grannie square’ quilt top. I want to quilt a unique motif in each of the individual blocks. I think I will try my hand at the different flowers you have shown on your website. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I purchased a Janome 8900 at the quilt show in Lancaster, PA in March. I bought it because I want to doodle-play, finish the quilt tops into quilts for my grandchildren, while I teach myself how to go about it. I retired from teaching(5th grade) in June 2012, and turned 60 in November too! So I treated myself to my “Fancy Nancy” sewing machine. Best Wishes for your ebook challenge.


    “Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys.”~~Dr. Billy Graham

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