Over the Garden Today

Hot Air Balloon, Stillwater

The weather has been absolutely perfect in Minnesota this week.   It seems that everyone is outside soaking up the end of summer.   We love to see the hot air balloons that frequent the skies over our garden. (Stillwater is home to several hot air balloon companies.)   However, Ruby and Roxie, our Australian shepherds, see the balloons as intruders–worse than deer.  They bark without consolation until the floating foe is well out of sight.

Hope you are enjoying a bit of sunshine today.  I will be in the garden–with my feet planted firmly on the ground.  Would you ride in a hot air balloon?

Hot Air Balloon, Stillwater

4 thoughts on “Over the Garden Today

  1. Some years back, my husband and I did go for a hot air balloon ride — it was to celebrate a wedding anniversary, I believe. It was quite an experience — unbelievably quiet once you’re up in the air, but the take off and landing are a bit “rocky” to say the least. We were in San Diego at the time, and the landing took place over a field of migrant workers and I thought we were going to land right on top of them! Anyway, once was enough for us! Glad we did it though.

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