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For the past several Thursdays, we have been discussing threads.  Read more about Recommended Threads HERE and HERE.  Last week, I began reorganizing my thread–you can read that post  HERE.  As I purge my  threads,  I wish I had more information about some of the threads I’ve collected.  Some of the labels are gone completely, leaving me to guess what the thread is and where I purchased it.  I also wish I had more information about the cost of each spool.  Going forward, I plan to take a few notes every time I purchase a new thread and whenever I use a new thread in a project.   Here is the information I plan to collect:

Date-(I don’t even know in what decade some of my threads were purchased. )  Since thread doesn’t last forever, I think dating each spool might give an idea if thread is past it’s “Expiration Date”.

Thread-Brand and Name of thread (e.g.  Superior Omni)

Fiber-(and Weight)-Cotton, Rayon, Polyester

Needle-Once you have experimented with a thread, save time later by taking note of the needle used.

Vendor-Where did you purchase the thread? Where did you find the best price for the thread?  This will be useful when you want to refill your collection.

Price- Price per spool.  You might also calculate price/meter.  This will give you an estimate for relative cost of spools in your collection as well as a way to estimate the thread cost for a project.

Notes-Include the projects in which you have used the thread,  machine adjustments required, whether you would use it again, etc.

I think a few minutes taking notes will be a time-saver.  

Do you have any other information you would add to the inventory?

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17 thoughts on “Taking a Thread Inventory

  1. I will also indicate the quantity of thread , if it ‘s possible ; I started for my cones to note when I quilt a patch , to have an idea of how long a cone lasts . thanks a lot for our blog ! sorry for my approximate english, I am french !

  2. I think this is a great idea! I have so much thread and no idea when I purchased them! Do you use a note book or a computer?

    • I am using a notebook. I spend too much time at the computer. I think a notebook near the sewing machine will be handier! What works better for you?

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  3. A thread inventory might save me some time and frustration at some point in my sewing/quilting career, but at this point…I’d rather spend the time sewing or quilting!

  4. Sounds like work to me, knowing me–I would enjoy buying a nice notebook and setting up the categories, then do a few spools and get so far behind, that I give up. So far my inventory consists of a few photos on my phone so when I go shopping, I know what I already have. I think having the inventory available when shopping would be very handy so you know where the gaps in your colors/types of thread are. Love your blog!

    • That sounds like me, too–but I’m so frustrated by the spools I have that don’t have any labels any longer. I plan to start taking a few simple notes whenever I buy a new spool. I love the idea of photos on my phone–for shopping! Do you mind if I add that to any upcoming blog post?

  5. I’m like Sally. I start things like this for about 2 days. I did try to put a sticker inside the spool, but that did not work.

  6. Superior threads has an app that you can inventory al your thread from that company. I thought this was a great idea as I use a lot of their thread. However, while I am in the USA, I don’t have a data package for my phone so the idea is useless. I am going t try the notebook method. I buy a lot of thread while I am here, it is so much more expensive in Canada, and not as available. Shipping costs to Canada are exorbitant as well.. I am off to a shop hop today,, a quilt show next week,, and another quilting /sewing exposition the week after that so will have to buy that notebook today!

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