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  1. I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. I look forward to each entry you make! I am an American living in France – 25 years now! I am an avid quilter – in fact I teach many classes. Thank you for inspiring me!

    • Joy, Thank you for your kind words. What do you teach? Did you start quilting in the US or in France? It is clear that quilting is popular throughout the world–I love how it brings us all together!

      • I teach classes for all kinds of quilting – here in France ladies belong to clubs where they meet during the school year – usually every other week – I propose a project and lead them through it. This past year I had 7 regular classes with around 80 students in all. I started quilting here in France although my inspiration comes largely from the US. Quilting isn’t as popular here as embroidery or knitting but I have made many wonderful friends through it. I also have a long arm machine and do quilting for others. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! I hope you do find someone to print a book for you – I would DEFINITELY buy it!

      • Joy, Your club/classes sound like something I’d love to join! What sewing machines do your students stitch on? What type of projects do they like best-piecing, applique, etc. Do they like free motion quilting? I have many many followers from France, so I was surprised that quilting isn’t as popular!

      • Hi!
        Many of my students use Bernina machines but Pfaff are also popular. Many French quilters do only hand piecing but since I teach mostly machine techniques, I’d say most of my students use their machines regularly. I have taught some free motion quilting classes but most don’t dare try. There are die-hard quilters here….just not as many as in the US. Quilting is part of our cultural heritage while the French grandmothers did the most amazing hand-embroidered sheets and linens. I have purchased a few and am hoping to find the time to do some detailed quilting on them! I can’t generalize about what quilters love here – since I love traditional quilting and appliqué, most of the ladies that are in my classes like those things as well – I guess that is why they are attracted to my classes. Contemporary quilts are very popular here – I admire the work but it isn’t my thing but I’d say that the majority of quilts that are featured in shows are art quilts. Give me traditional any day….

  2. I love to see a message from you in my emails makes me quite excited to see what you have for us all thank you so much xxxx

  3. I’m OK with the previous “writer”, I like your blog for the inspiration that you give us …. I’m french and my English isn’t very good … I hope you may understand what I want to say !!! Thank you for sharing. françoise

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