Quilts in the Garden

Poppy Quilt, Garden

Today I am doing a little gardening…no gloves required…just my camera and a few quilts…

Poppy Quilt, Garden

I made this poppy quilt several years ago–from a pattern by Carol Morrissey.

Poppy Quilt, Garden

It required a lot of fused appliqué (and resulted in several burned fingertips!)  As you might guess, my favorite part was the free motion quilting!

Poppy Quilt, Garden

Ruby likes it, too!

Poppy Quilt, Garden

Are you in your garden or your studio today? (Or both?!)

Keep stitching,


16 thoughts on “Quilts in the Garden

  1. Ruby does have good taste- I agree with Lucie! I love the quilt and your quilting really does it justice- just beautiful! I will be in the studio today- as it will be over 110 in the desert today- no gardening for me!

  2. Beautiful Lori! We are on our way home from Springfield stuck in traffic. I am not driving so am enjoying catching up on your blog. I love it! I hate to admit it, but I had no idea that how the thread comes off the spool was so important. I am learning so much from you and your followers. Thanks

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