Little Piggies, Take your Mark!

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

Mark your calendars!  The Washington County Minnesota Fair begins in less than two weeks!  The dates for the fair this year are July 31st-August 4.

I prefer the county fair to The Minnesota State Fair as it has all the essentials with smaller crowds…

The county fair has all the animals…

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

Many of the rides…

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

Plenty of games…

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

More food than you can shake a stick at…

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

Best of all…It has the Pig Races!

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

It is an American tradition to attend the yearly fairs.  I’m wondering what other countries celebrate similar events??

Washington County, Minnesota Fair

Hope you have time for a quick jaunt to your local fair this summer!

I’m betting on #2–he’s seems determined to win the Oreo!



15 thoughts on “Little Piggies, Take your Mark!

  1. There’s nothing like a Midwestern county fair. Was the highlight of the summer growing up in Ohio. The pig races look like great fun!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Always, Queenie

  2. I live in Ottawa, Canada where there are many country fairs all around the region. Our family lived in a small village which has a very popular fair. Needless to say, our children loved it that we could actually walk to the mid-way from home.

  3. J’habite à côté d’Arcachon sur la côte Atlantique en France à 60 kms au sud de Bordeaux. Ici, nous avons les foires aux Huitres, nous avons des partis de pelote basque, des sardinades, des fêtes de la mer et plus bas, dans le pays basque vers Biarritz toutes les fêtes du Pays basque, colorées, avec des chants magnifiques. Nous avons aussi la dune de sable la plus haute d’europe 114 mètres et il y a des courses à pied à partir de la dune. Si vous voulez voir la jolie région que j’habite allez sur le site
    Bonne journée ensoleillée 🙂

  4. Encore moi 🙂 la traduction a mis “la jolie région au Québec” ! Ce n’est pas exact j’habite Arcachon :

  5. I always think the best part of fairs are the quilts… what can I say, for me it never ends! I do enjoy seeing the animals too, and the occasional naughty but tasty treat- but no thanks on the rides and games for this girl…

  6. My very close friend and I entered a county fair near our home with items in the “Quilting” section. We one first and second place! One more fun summer thing to do!

      • I made a quilted table runner from a Kim Diehl book. It had snowballs-finished at 3” and 9 patch-1′ squares-finished at 3″. It was a wonderful way to use up my scraps and so much fun. Along the outside border, I hand appliqued wool pedals- 96 pedals total. Thanks so much for asking.

        I’m on vacation at Hilton Head and there are so few Quilt Shops here. I’m going through withdrawal! Minnesota is the best place to vacation for many reasons but mostly because of the incredible Quilt Shops.

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