The Star of the Garden This Week

Daisies, Photography, Garden

There is a clear star in our garden this week:  The Alaskan Daisy.

Daisies, Photography, Garden

We planted a few daisies several years ago, and last year we split and moved them to a different area in the garden.

Daisies, Photography, Garden

Apparently, they are  very happy in their new home because they are flourishing!

Daisies, Photography, Garden

I love daisies.  I prefer them even to roses.  (My grandmother would be so disappointed.  She loved roses…in fact her name was Rose.)

Daisies, Photography, Garden

At least I inherited her love of flowers! (and for quilting.)

What’s the star of your garden this week?

15 thoughts on “The Star of the Garden This Week

  1. I would have to ask the deer what the star of my garden is……oy! But, if I could have a star it would absolutely be daisies! (the deer love them, too) Beautiful photos!

  2. I love flowers, but unfortunately not much of a gardener. However, a couple years ago a friend shared some of her perennials with me and I have some beautiful day lilies (orange and yellow) purple cone flowers and even some daisies. They’re all doing beautifully, despite me 🙂

  3. My stars right now are daylilies. I have a double golden one, a yellowish gold and a deep red one that are all just gorgeous.

  4. They do love their new home! Full sun and a small dose of neglect will keep daisie’s very happy.

  5. I love daisies as well…way better than roses! Maybe cause it’s hard to identify with something that is as perfect as a rose. Thriving on neglect, that’s my kind of flower. Maybe I should plant some!

  6. I have something very similar in my garden in Scotland – thankfully we are enjoying a heat wave at the moment – the last one was in 1976, so you can image how we are toiling in the heat! Love your blog x

      • Hi, I have to say that ’76 was our last prolonged heat wave – we do occasionally have good days during our summers but they are interspersed with some rain and a lot of cloud. The good thing is we do have a lot of daylight hours. I would say this year we have had several consistent weeks of high 20’s (80F).The long hours of daylight is great for long arm machining!

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