Will Pose for Treats

Pupperoni, Australian Shepherds

Photo courtesy of Olivia Kennedy

Again, I would like to welcome all the new followers of The Inbox Jaunt.  We have been joined by many new followers from Brazil–we are excited to have you here.  We also found out that Bernina USA posted The Anchor Quilt on their Facebook page. Welcome to all of you who found us through Bernina…We will be discussing Bernina and sewing machine adjustments for perfect tension in the days and weeks ahead… If you haven’t read it, you might like to review Seven Steps to Free Motion Quilting HERE  and My Secret Weapon HERE.  Around Christmas, I posted many of my favorite sewing notions in: Ten Stocking Stuffers for Quilters HERE.

Today, I plan to go for a long walk and work on some obedience training with my two Australian shepherds, Ruby and Roxie.  They will do ANYTHING for a Pupperoni!  They will do almost anything for any treat--sounds a bit like my teenage son–Hmmm…

It is a gorgeous day here in Minnesota, so I am ditching my computer and my sewing machine…

Wishing you all a lovely day,


10 thoughts on “Will Pose for Treats

  1. If that was my dog, your picture would have included action – drooling. It’s a beautiful day in IL, hope your weather is as nice in MN.

  2. I found out about you on Pinterest, and pinned many photos to my boards. A whole bunch of people repinned from me, so Pinterest is helping you go viral as well. Your blog is exemplary, and I enjoy it so much, thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Marianne for all you efforts to help us “go viral”. I really love free motion quilting and love being able to spread to the word…

  3. I love your detailed tutorials – there really is not much out there on free-motion quilting, and you have done an amazing job! Thanks for the great blog!

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