Quiltful Lettering

Quilted Lettering, Free Motion Quilting

Welcome!  Welcome! Welcome!  We have many new followers today and we are so glad you have joined us!  It seems you have found The Inbox Jaunt through Facebook and Tumblr–though it’s not clear where on Facebook our link was posted?   In any case, we’re glad you are here.  Please let  me know if you have any questions along the way…

Today is brought to you by the letter “L”…

I found this video by Joanne Sharpe recently.  Artful Lettering:  Tools and Techniques for Discovering Your Style

Quilted Lettering, Free Motion Quilting

Of course, my style involves stitching…free motion quilting on my Bernina…(820 or 150)

Quilted Lettering, Free Motion Quilting

The gist of the video is teaching you to use Your Style and Your Handwriting to develop a few fonts.  It barely mentions calligraphy words like “ascender” and “descender”.

Quilted Lettering, Free Motion Quilting

I spent a few hours playing with letters…Now I have a million more ideas swirling in my head…

So many ideas…sew little time!

Quiltfully yours,


15 thoughts on “Quiltful Lettering

  1. Great! That’s my letter!
    Yesterday I posted a link for brazilian friends on Facebook… 😉
    Are your new followers brazilians?
    Hugs, dear, congrats for the great work, we love it!

  2. W.O.W.

    Your blog is inspirational!

    Tell us– what are your must haves for keeping comfortable in your sewing room? Tea? Certain chair? Music?

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