Flea Market Finds

Flea Market, Rooster

The Fourth of July weekend was a busy one!  The family festivities began with a barbecue on Thursday and wrapped up with a barbecue on Sunday.  We went to the movies, the fireworks, the beach and we cleaned the garage. We also squeezed in a little flea market shopping.    All of my  flea market “finds”  this week were photographic…(probably because we just cleaned the garage and I lost my enthusiasm for shopping???)

Flea Market, Birdhouse

Flea Market, Sailboat

Flea Market, Typewriter

Thank you for all your comments about the Swirling Star Tutorial and the Anchor Quilt.  We have a lot more quilting this month…More tutorials, tension tips, and a few projects…

Tomorrow’s Tuesday Tutorial is The Picot-Edged Ribbon!

8 thoughts on “Flea Market Finds

  1. What a fun, holiday weekend! I enjoyed too much food, but also time with friends and on the motorcycle (of course). Managed to work in quite a few chores, also. Your weekend was what I call successful – fun mixed with work, which if not done would just get worse! Love your flea market finds … especially that typewriter!

  2. Visiting the flea market with a camera is a lovely idea! You collect all the treats, with no regrets, i.e. no cluttering. Win-win!

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