Anchors Aweigh!

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

After stitching sailboats a few weeks ago (see tutorial HERE) and Swirling Stars yesterday (See tutorial HERE), it seemed an anchor quilt was inevitable…

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

I purchased a Bernina 820 several weeks ago (See more HERE), and it has taken a little time to get the setting just where I like them, but I found a few tension tricks for this machine, and now it is smooth sailing!

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

With a little treat to keep me going…(Found at Caribou Coffee co.)

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

I had this stitched before the stars came out…

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

 I added The Sailboat in the corners…

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

Anchor Quilt, Free motion quilting

I can’t wait to use this on my Fourth of July table!

Anchor Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

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30 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh!

  1. What makes me even more in awe of your quilting is that you use contrasting thread. The contrast is lovely and we can see how perfect your quilting is. Are you up to sharing any of your tension tricks? I’ve been fussing with my new Bernina 550 (no BSR, BSR1, and BSR2) and am not yet feeling the love.

    • I am still working on getting the tension just right on my Bernina. I will do a post soon about some of the adjustments I am trying. I do not use the BSR. I didn’t learn FMQ with a BSR so it drove me crazy.

      • I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiments. Mine aren’t terribly successful. BTW, you make me really look forward to Tuesday 🙂

      • I’m quilting on a new Bernina 550 after years on a Husqvarna sapphire 870. That machine became known for tension problems, which is why I bought the Bernina, but so far it’s not any better. (sorry if the comment is out of sequence. I couldn’t seem to reply below.)

      • Tension is always a problem–for everyone. Everything effects it–thread, needles, fabric, and batting. Once you get it all figured out, the weather changes–and I’m convinced that changes things as well. I do stick with a few favorites–Sulky thread works well for me with Aurifil in my bobbin. I will write several posts on this in the next few weeks. Don’t give up, just keep experimenting!

      • Thanks so much for the encouragement. I confess this tension issue has dissuaded me from even going into my sewing room, but I will keep at it.

  2. Love your work, Lori. It’s so creative and beautiful! What is the white quilting hoop you are using which is shown in the third photo? I have a new Bernina 780 and any tricks you could share would be great. Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

    • I use a husqavarna (Viking) hoop. See the post “My Secret Weapon” on May 17 for more details on the hoop. I will write more about tension in an upcoming post. I am still refining the tension adjustments on my new Bernina.

  3. I am learning soooomuch from you! Although I stitch on a Gammill, its the same principle. Love love love your quilting! Amie

  4. What a fantastic quilt. My merchant navy hubby would love this quilt. I’m glad you’re getting on well with your Bernina 820. I’m loving my Bernina 750 and no tension issues so far. Perhaps I was just lucky. You’re work is great.

  5. I was hoping as I scrolled down looking at the pictures to discover your fabulous quilting was done on a long-arm so I could console myself that it wouldn’t be achievable on my domestic sewing machine. And then my jaw dropped to the floor with a thud. It IS done on a regular sewing machine. I think I need to practice more!!

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  7. Love this one. I have been thinking of something very similar for a QOV that’s next up for me. It’s a quilt done by a gal in the larger group I belong to. Large open background areas will be perfect for all the doodling I want to do!!!! Your posts are always so encouraging for the many who think that doing FMQ on a DSM is not possible. We must continue to “get the word out”!!!!!! LOL! Hugs…………………….

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