Tuesday Tutorial-Swirling Stars

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Just in time for the Fourth of July, we have the Swirling Stars for our Tuesday Tutorial this week!

This is a great way to embellish any patriotic quilt, but it also looks great on summer quilts, sailboat quilts, boys quilts, military-inspired quilts….I’m sure you can find a spot on ANY quilt for this motif.  So let’s get started…

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Draw three lines to serve as “rails”–just guidelines to keep things tidy.  In the sample below, the rails are one inch apart.  Stitch a spiral with a long tail.  In the sample below, the tails are two inches long.   (See the spiral tutorials HERE and HERE.)

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

From heavy paper or tag board, cut out a small star.  (Draw one, print one, or look for a stencil.)

I found this stencil at JoAnn Fabrics.

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Use the stencil or the cutout to draw a star around each spiral.  If using a paper pattern, remove the center of the star for more accurate placement.

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Place one point of the star nearly on the center rail and as close to the tail of the spiral as possible.

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Once the stars are drawn around each spiral, begin stitching again.

The stars are completed in two more passes--the right side of the star and then the left side of the star.  I usually start from the bottom and work up for both passes.

There’s just one trick when stitching the stars–Do not cross the spiral or it’s tail! This keeps the star neat–not thready!

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Begin and end each pass with a little spiral to hide your knots and to add a little more “swirl” to the stars.

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Once you have completed the right side of the star, stitch the left side of the star.  Again, do not cross the spiral or the tail…

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

The stars are complete and they look great!

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

If you want to “Lori-ize” them  (I can never leave a motif unembellished…)–Add a row of echo quilting with a few more swirls on each side of the star…

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

There you have it–a Twirling Tuesday Tutorial–The Swirling Stars!

Feel free to Pin and re-blog this post with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  (All tutorials and photos are property of The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only!)

Swirling Stars, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Please stop by tomorrow–I used the star stencil for a new mini-quilt—I think you’re going to give it two thumbs up and Four Stars!

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial-Swirling Stars

  1. That’s really cool. You pull something great out of your magical sleeve every week. I love your swirling stars. It would fill my sashing beautifully. Thank you for sharing. I’ll be back tomorrow to see more of your fantastic work.

  2. This is so pretty . . . you are so gifted! Thank you for sharing your skills with us. Happy Independence Day to you.

  3. Wow, where have you been all my life!!! great tutorial and your machine skills are awesome. I just got the new Bernina 750. I will need to practice a lot.

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  5. HELLO, Love your Blog;just found you!
    I’m practicing and trying to improve my FMQ on a Bernina 210.
    Would one with a BSR help? They are so $$$ and I’ve wondered if it would really make any difference? Thank YOU so for your inspiring blog!

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    Swirling Stars quilting tutorial from TheInboxJaunt — just in time for July 4th! Check out Lori’s creative and exceptionally well done quilting and I hope you’ll be inspired to try it out. I am going to as soon as I get the chance to set up my new sewing area!

  7. Thanks so much! These are perfect for the borders of my Quilts of Valor, and you will be therefore touching the lives of wounded warriors with your generosity.

  8. Hi Lori, I just love this pattern. I am making a quilt for my son’s girlfiend who is in Afghanistan with the US Army. I’m a Brit but as she is American I’m making it in a stars and stripes design and this would be perfect for the border. I was just wondering if you would mind me making a request – would it be possible for you to incorporate instructions on how to take some of your designs around a corner if its appropriate. I’m trying to work a corner out on this one but I’m guessing it would be better if the original designer (i.e. you) showed us how. Many thanks for all the inspiration you give to us.

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  10. I appreciate your “blog” so much. The detail in your tutorials really offer great advice. I have not done any machine quilting yet, but still in the studying phase. Just purchased a Bernina 830. Do you have a book with your designs?

  11. This is simply awesome. Your photos are wonderful – step by step. Who would imagine a simple swirl could be turned into something this fascinating. Thank you for being so detail oriented.

    Tavette – S. Florida

  12. I just love your tutorials. You have an amazing creative mind. I’m looking forward to when you will have a book out with all your designs published.

  13. This stars pattern is so cute, just in time, I will practice and see if I can do it. It look so easy when you explain every step of the way. Thanks.

  14. Thank you so much for your tutorials. I have pinned many of thrm and they are a great inspiration for my quilting. You are so creative!

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