This Week in the Garden-False Indigo

False Indigo, Garden, Baptisia australis

One of my favorite flowers of all time, False indigo (Baptisia australis)  is in full bloom in the garden this week.

Garden, Baptisia australis, False indigo

I love the leaves of this plant as much as I adore the pea-like flowers.

Garden, Baptisia australis, False indigo

The plant has a bush like quality-it maintains a uniform shape all summer.

Garden, Baptisia australis, False indigo

A clear winner in the garden this week!  What’s blooming in your garden?  What are your favorite perennials?

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13 thoughts on “This Week in the Garden-False Indigo

  1. Peonies are about done and Delphinium are going to open soon. If only I could manage to get them to bloom at the same time what a bouquet that would make!

  2. I love false indigo too! I love the blue bush effect when it’s all in full bloom. I don’t have any where I am nbow, but I used to have some. Gorgeous plant and I recommend it to anyone looking for a lovely bush–and color!

  3. I still have peonies, even though some were destroyed by the thunderstorm and hail! Now I’ve got lupine, geraniums, marigolds, border lilies, snapdragons, black-eyed Susans and dh’s favaorite by the pond, fireweed. I’ve got to look up false indigo – hope it grows here in northern Montana! Ah, summer – even though all the tulips and daffies are done, I look forward to more color.

  4. My garden is blooming with daylillies in many different colors. It’s my favorite flower of summer.

    • I have a lot of day lilies, too. However, most of mine are stella d’oro–a solid yellow. I would like to branch out into a few different varieties. Do you have a favorite, favorite??

  5. I just planted a row of 10 false indigos this spring. I hope they will be blooming this time next year!

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