Why We Live in Minnesota

Snapping turtle

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of complaining about Minnesota’s weather (and I am not alone in this–it’s become our state’s Official Conversation).

However, living here does have its compensations…

In the last few days, we’ve had the pleasure to host a small zoo’s worth of creatures great and small.

First, this snapping turtle came ambling up our driveway…(probably to lay eggs in our neighborhood pond).

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

It is fierce-looking–and we gave it a wide berth…

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

Next, this Tom turkey came strutting through the yard…

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

I believe he was “showing off” for his…

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

Rafter of girlfriends

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

Later, a dozen deer came to feed off our apple tree…

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

Turkey, turtles, deer, three baby raccoons…and more birds than I can name (including a really cool pileated woodpecker–)

Snapping Turtle, Minnesota

All provide us with constant entertainment…(and Ruby and Roxie with constant agitation!)

6 thoughts on “Why We Live in Minnesota

  1. Spring has at last sprung in your neck of the woods. A true treat to see all the wild life. That Tom turkey was definitely in his glory. Very cool photos.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. Come live here in Auckland New Zealand, very temperate and nothing to hurt or bite you except the odd amorous husband! Blue skies mostly, very mild winters although I moan when it rains more than two days and its the bottom of the world so no one knows where we are, nice and peaceful, only 4 1/2 million inhabitants and mostly mixing in peacefully with each other!

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