Stencil Winners!!!

Stencil Winners

It’s Monday, and I have completed the three most important things on my To-Do list and now can move on to the fun things–blogging, quilting, and photography!  You all have inspired me with your FABULOUS Time Management tips.  (If you recall, last week I asked you for time management tips as I never seem to get enough done in a day.)  Your ideas have really helped me get out of my procrastinating slump…I will collate them into a single post for all to read–all the tips were very thought-provoking and motivational!

I chose two winners –one by lottery and the other for submitting the best tip—

Stencil Winners, Stencil

The lottery winner is:  Patricia Phillips.  Her tip was excellent and very timely:  Prioritize.  Family comes before housework.  The dust can wait!

Stencil Winners Quilting

The second winner is Suzy–who really lives by the seaside–(though I don’t think she sells seashells?!)   Suzy recommended the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.  I have only read a few chapters, but I can tell it is going to be a great help to me.  (We will discuss this book more in an upcoming post…)  Please check out Suzy’s blog, Quilted Happiness–she has a great post on color today.

A special mention goes to Helen Ernst, who also recommended Eat That Frog –(her comment came after Suzy’s)  -Be sure to check out her blog  She clearly knows something about time management–she cooks, she knits, she quilts, she blogs….

Eat That Frog

Again, thank you all for your fabulous time management tips!  You all deserve a new stencil…

And a special Thank You to The Stencil Company for providing The Madam CJ Walker stencil to our lucky winners today!

Congratulations, Suzy and Patricia!  Please contact me (via e-mail –in the About section)  and I will get the stencils out to you.

To see more photos of the quilt I stitched using the Madam Walker Stencil see HERE.

6 thoughts on “Stencil Winners!!!

  1. Eeek! i can’t believe I’ve won something! I was so shocked and excited to see my name in print. I kind-of feel like I should share the prize with the book author though! I’m so glad you have found the time to read a few chapters of it. it is really good isn’t it. One of those books that’s good to have close by so that you can dip in and out of it! I look forward to showing you how I get on with the stencil. I am a brand new newbie longarm quilter, so i can’t wait! Thank you, Lori. – Suzy

    • Hi Suzy,
      I’m not sure Brian Tracy would be interested in a quilting stencil…so you might as well keep it for yourself.
      Would you send your address to me at my e-mail:
      I will forward it to The Stencil Company and they will ship directly to you.

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