Better Late than Never

Dogwoods, Spring, Minnesota

Everything in the garden is a full month behind this spring– due to the cold weather patterns this year. (We had 8 inches of snow on May 6th.)

Dogwoods, Spring, Minnesota

The cherry trees just bloomed this week.

Dogwoods, Spring, Minnesota

A sight for sore eyes!

Dogwoods, Spring, Minnesota

I hope you get a little time to enjoy the flowers this weekend!

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12 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. Tennessee also got a late start and we had a couple of cold nights in May, but we have almost caught up now. I’ve been picking strawberries for a couple of weeks and the peas are ready now.

  2. with the near 100 degrees in the Boston area, the spring flowers are fading fast. The peonies are blooming, the iris are almost finished, the lilacs are done for, and my peach tree has peaches the size of grapes already.

      • The weather in the UK has been dreadful. Apparently the spring has been the coldest for 50 years. Everything is pretty late blooming here however I do have a few pinks and whites. I look forward to more colour in the weeks to come. I thoroughly enjoy your photography so keep up the great work.

  3. Cherries, we’ve already picked all of ours. Apricots are now on and should be ready to eat or make jam this week.

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