The Stillwater Bridge

Stillwater Bridge, MN

Anyone who travels to Stillwater, Minnesota is familiar with the silhouette of the Stillwater Bridge.  It is the unofficial symbol of the city and is featured on the logo of many Stillwater based companies.

Stillwater Bridge, MN

It is a 1000 foot Vertical Lift bridge that spans the St. Croix River connecting Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Stillwater Bridge, MN

After years (probably decades) of legal wrangling, the bridge is now being replaced.  Ground breaking for the new bridge began this week.

The old bridge will remain open for pedestrian and walking traffic only…(perhaps even wooden alligators will lumber across–see photo below.)

Stillwater Bridge, MN

I am thrilled that the new bridge is finally being built, but I will remain loyal to photographing the “Old Bridge” on a regular basis…

Stillwater Bridge, MN

9 thoughts on “The Stillwater Bridge

  1. Lori, I used to cross a bridge very much like that on my way to work each day between East Peoria and Peoria Illinois. I just checked, and it looks like that bridge too has been replaced.

    • Did they leave your old bridge up or tear it down? I wonder if I ever crossed your bridge—I grew up in LaGrange, Illinois and we had friends in Peoria.

  2. So glad they are keeping hte old bridge for history sake. Exciting times in your neck of the woods.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

    • I think they are keeping the old bride for history sake and because it is just too costly to remove! It is beautiful though and I would be crushed if I couldn’t photograph it any longer. I’m not sure the new bridge will be as photogenic.

  3. Your photographs are WONDERFUL! ALWAYS! You have the knack of perfect framing.

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