My Secret Weapon for Free Motion Quilting

Free Motion Quilting Tip

Like most Free Motion Quilt enthusiasts, I have tried every product that claims to aid in creating even stitching… I have used aloe on my fingers, small red hoops…and the dreaded white gloves…

Free Motion quilting tip

Why do I say dreaded?  I know a lot of you love them– But you have to admit…every time you don them—your nose begins to itch, your phone rings, or you have to go to the bathroom…

They drive me crazy!  I get claustrophobic just thinking about them!  ( I do use one white glove on my right hand for pin-basting large quilts–when my hand gets sore from pinching the pins closed.)

Free Motion quilting tip

There are only two products that I really love for free motion quilting: The Supreme Slider (read about that HERE) and Viking Husqvarna’s Free Motion Guide Grip. Viking’s Guide Grip is larger than other hoops and because it is not a full circle hoop, it is easier to move during stitching.    The curved handles are very comfortable for my hands–(allowing my hand muscles to relax)  and the two rubber strips on the bottom of the guide hold the quilt beautifully—No need for hot and sticky little white gloves!

Free Motion quilting tip

I purchased my hoop for $50 at JoAnn fabrics several years ago–and I really think my quilting is improved because of it.   (JoAnn’s sells Viking sewing machines.)

Free Motion quilting tip

Here is Viking’s Website: Husqvarna Viking

While this post may sound like a commercial–I am not affiliated with Viking in any way…just thought I’d pass along one of my favorite free motion quilting products–My Secret Weapon!

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38 thoughts on “My Secret Weapon for Free Motion Quilting

  1. I use the non slip shelf liner instead of the hoop. I cut a size a little longer than my hand and just lay my hands on top of each PCM to use perfect control and I can pace my hands anywhere

  2. Lori, is it only possible to use the hoop when you’re working on a central motif like an umbrella, or is there a way to adjust it when sewing lines, such as longer lines of Greek keys?

    And if you haven’t tried them, I’d highly recommend the Fons and Porter FMQ gloves. They are breathable and they don’t have to be a snug fit to work well. Not only that, they’re really inexpensive ($5).

    • That’s a great question. You can move the hoop along as you move. (Though you do have to stop to move it). It will work for any motif smaller than the hoop. A Grecian key is a series of small motifs. After sewing a few I just stop and move the hoop along. Just like you would stop and move your hands along. Does that make sense?

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  3. Wow! Newbie here. I am having trouble picturing where the tool is. At first I was thinking on the left side of the needle (like being your left hand), but now I’m thinking it is around the needle? Thanks so much for your site. I love it!!! I have tried lots of your free motion motifs. Still practicing. : )

  4. I started using myViking hoop when I tried quilting a large flannel quilt. It made It so much easier.

  5. I’ve been looking at the very expensive Martelli hoops. Would love to know the size of this one – as the price is much more affordable!

    • I just looked up the Martelli hoops–I had never heard of them before. The Husqvarna hoop is 6-1/2 inches wide-smaller than the Martelli hoops. However, I have used full circle hoops before and I don’t like them nearly as well as this open hoop. I found I got “stuck” in the hoops. The open hoop (Husqvarna) is easier to move. Also the larger size can be a disadvantage when stitching a small quilt and when you are on the edges of your quilt. If the hoop hands off the quilt it sticks–in other words it is unusable…I would definitely consider the Husqvarna hoop. (PS…I am NOT affiliated with them in any manner–this is an unbiased opinion) Please let me know what you do and how it works out for you. I would be interested to pass the info onto other readers.

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    • I have been researching different types of hoops for free motion quilting, I am not a fan of the gloves. I have a halo but am not convinced that there isn’t something better out there. I have seen the gypsy quilter hoops and I like that they are square but I haven’t found any one who has actually used them. I would love to hear your opinion of them.

  8. Until I read this, I didn’t even realize I had one! LOL. When I bought my new Pfaff, the machine came with a kit that included an extension table and this beauty. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to use it. I must admit I’m tired of the on and off glove-wearing.

  9. Lori, I love your web page and read all I can. I just now found this about the husqavarna hoop. Do you still use it? Love all your tutorials!!!!!

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