Pressing News! (Thimble Thursday)

Monopoly Game

In a move that is sure to disappoint quilters and seamstresses everywhere, Hasbro has announced The Beloved Iron is OUT from Monopoly games!

Monopoly Game

Fellow tokens rallied round to cheer up their longtime friend, but the Parker Brothers were unmoved!

They claim The Beloved Iron was voted out on Facebook in February–(an unfair forum–How many quilters and seamstresses spend any time on Facebook?)

Monopoly Game

Complaints were met with indifference…and armed guards!

Monopoly Game

So the iron was left high and (worse yet) DRY!

Monopoly Game

Our only consolation…

Monopoly Game

The Dimpled Thimble was spared!

And the replacement?

A Rotary Cutter perhaps?


Much to the chagrin of Ruby and Roxie.

Monopoly Cat

11 thoughts on “Pressing News! (Thimble Thursday)

  1. Not good news! And I’m allergic to cats! A very dim outlook for Monopoly in my future….more time for quilting.

  2. Tragedy… Dogs and (new) cats living and playing together this will only lead to chaos from Baltimore to the Boardwalk. Who will press out the huge wrinkles in this new dilema? Perhaps teh steam ship will lend a hand, after all a thimble can only do so much finger pressing :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

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