Work in Progress Wednesday–The Blue Stripe Doodle Quilt

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I have been putting my new Bernina 820 through its paces this week.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I have had houses and gardens “on the brain” lately…

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I stitched these doodles on a striped blue and white quilt. Gardens in the blue stripes and houses in the white stripes.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

Because I am still getting used to my sewing machine,  it took me a bit of “tweaking” to get the tension just right, but once I did I was on a roll…The Bernina  820 has a huge bobbin, so I didn’t need to stop often.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I wonder if the new Berninas have a stitch counter–I need to check the manual–

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

I would LOVE to know how many stitches are in this quilt…

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

The Blue stripes began with The Fabulous Flower (see tutorial HERE).  Then I did  a technique I call “layering in” to add more leaves, spirals, and flowers.

Free Motion Quilted Doodle

Now that I have this quilt finished, I have no excuse not to clean my house and tend my garden!

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Later this week, I will reveal My Secret Weapon for free motion quilting large quilts!

Next week: A fabulous Stencil Giveaway!

Keep doodling!

24 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday–The Blue Stripe Doodle Quilt

  1. This is so beautiful, Lori – I read in one of your blogs that you were looking for an alliteration to go with Thursday and I think of thread.

  2. I have the 440 with the stitch regulator. I go back and forth between it and the regular FMQ foot, depending on how much control I want.

      • It depends. 🙂 I started with the stitch regulator and if I want to try a new design I’ll use it, because I don’t have to think about speed or stitches, just concentrate on the design.

        For more control, I use the regular foot.

        Not sure if my username is linked to my quilt blog, it;s at

  3. Really pretty and very summery! The 820 does have a stitch counter – I think it’s under the settings button – it just gives the total number of stitches though, so you’ll need to check it at the beginning and the end of your project.

  4. Stunning and so much fun! I love the houses you quilted in. I think you will find the 820 has a stitch counter. Maybe read the manual?

  5. The rose garden pattern in the blue is mind blowing. And once I realized that those were houses, I think I fell in love. At first sight I just loved the texture in the white areas, but having a second look made me see the houses as well.

  6. I know Bernina830 does have a way the stitches are counted. When I have my machine serviced, they tell me how many stitches I had put on my machine. Also, I look forward to your blog/tutorials daily! Thanks for sharing your incredible talents.

    • I guess I’ll actually have to read the dreaded owner’s manual! I’m am truly happy that you are enjoying The Inbox Jaunt! Let me know if you have any suggestions for posts.

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