The Simple Joys

Tulips, Roses, Ranunculus

After complaining for days (okay weeks) about the record-setting snow here in Minnesota…I decided a little color in the house might go a long way.

Tulips, Roses, Ranunculus

I found these tulips, roses and ranunculus at Trader Joe’s.

Tulips, Roses, Ranunculus

It’s amazing how the simple joys in life can make all the difference!  A vase of flowers on the counter…a taste of Spring!

The snow is gone today and the forecast is 70 F and partly sunny…No quilting for me today!

2 thoughts on “The Simple Joys

  1. So true about the color. I picked up two small packs of pansies yesterday. I never plant them because they always die on me, but I could not resist their smell yesterday.

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