Setting Records

May Day Snow

If it weren’t May, I would have been happy to step outside yesterday and find a beautiful coat of snow on all the trees…

May Day Snow

The blue sky was gorgeous–looks like spring light…

May Day Snow

The problem is, I’d rather be at the garden center buying annuals, not salt for my driveway!

May Snow Storm

Please send warm wishes our way again.  It is snowing as I write this morning, May 3, 2013…

Calgon, take me away!

11 thoughts on “Setting Records

  1. OMG what a disappointment to wake up to snow on the 3rd day of May. You should be seeing tulips and daffodils surely. I hope your snow melts quickly. I have to admit that your photos look really pretty though.

  2. You know my Mom grew up in Minnesota. I was born in California and we never even visited Minnesota. She did mention the weather now and then thou.

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