The Dog Walker

The Dog Whisperer, The Dog Walker

Last fall, I was out to lunch in Minneapolis and witnessed an amazing canine display.   A dog trainer, named Citizen Kane (I asked for his card.) sat on a bench quietly sipping coffee…

The Dog Whisperer, The Dog Walker

as the dogs he was walking and training sat quietly on the sidewalk (not sipping coffee).   Not a peep from any of them!  It was a busy pedestrian and car intersection, but nothing caused the dogs to move!

The Dog Whisperer, The Dog Walker

After he finished his drink, he set off again, with the entire pack strolling silently by his side.

The Dog Whisperer, The Dog Walker

As you know, I have two adorable Australian shepherds, Ruby and Roxie (Read more about them HERE and HERE).

Ruby and Roxie, Australian Shepherds

They are great dogs…

The Dog Whisperer, The Dog Walker

but nothing like this!

(PS…I tried signing my dogs up for training with Citizen Kane, but he never returned my e-mail…I bet there’s a long waiting list!)

11 thoughts on “The Dog Walker

  1. one of my dogs would be dragging me down the street with the other bounding off in opposite directions! I think my grand-dog might stay near me, but I’m not taking any bets! lolol

    • Thanks for posting the link. I did have his name wrong–it is Citizen Kanine (I wrote Citizen Kane). I live about 45 minutes away -so I don’t think I will pursue it any further–
      Just amazing though!

  2. I have two King Charles spaniels and they are nothing like Citizen Kane’s pack of quiet dogs. They’re very excitable and some days I wish they were quiet and well behaved but they would lose their personalities. I wonder if we have a dog whisperer like Citizen Kane here in my part of the UK.

  3. My son has a red merle Australian Shepherd, 8 years old now — by far the smartest dog I have ever worked with. She’s bossy, and independent, a big talker (and a backtalker) but oh my, the sweetest dog ever. I love her to pieces.m She’s a small dog with a big personality and a big presence. Love my dogs, and other people’s dogs :^) They make me laugh, every single day.

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