The Open Umbrella

Open Umbrella, Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial

Good morning quilters!  Hope your weather is sunny and warm…In Minnesota, we were plowing snow last week, had several days of sunshine, and now it is raining cats and dogs.  It is definitely time to Open our Umbrellas!  

Yesterday, we worked on The Closed Umbrella (See that tutorial here.)  Today we will be more prepared for rain:

Start by stitching the top of the umbrella.  It is stitched like a flattened version of  The Open Leaf  (HERE)  with a mirror image…

FMQ, Long Arm Motif, Tutorial

Next stitch three scallops and stop.  After completing the third scallop, back track to the center of that scallop and the stop again.

FMQ, Long Arm Motif, Tutorial

From that point, at the middle of the third scallop, drop down and stitch the handle, stitch back up, and complete the scallops–you will stitch a half scallop first and then two complete scallops:  Do not close the umbrella.  In other words, leave a small open space between the last scallop and the top of the umbrella.

FMQ, Long Arm Motif, Tutorial

Next, stitch an echo line back to the top of the umbrella:

FMQ, Long Arm Motif, Tutorial

From the top of the umbrella, stitch a curved line toward the left-most scallop and the back to the center top.  Repeat this toward the right-most scallop and then echo quilt the outer line of the umbrella and back down to the scallops:

FMQ, Long Arm Motif, Tutorial

Finish the umbrella by echo quilting the scallops and closing the motif by stitching right up to the first stitches you made in the motif.

FMQ, Long Arm Motif, Tutorial

Now you are ready for a rainy day!  Are you ready for the wind?  Not so much…

Next week’s Tuesday Tutorial:  Wind–It is a very versatile stitch that every quilter should have in their Seasonal Bag of Tricks...

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  1. Your umbrella is wonderful. I’m wondering how you continue on to the next umbrella. I think it would be helpful to see how we connect them. Thanks for your creativity!

  2. I’ve spent 3 days going through your blog. First from your most recent to your oldest, now from your oldest to your newest, making doodles along the way. Great quilting, I love the look of your doodle quilts.

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