The Penultimate School Supply

Fountain Pens

Since my first days of kindergarten, I have been a school supply junkie.  I love ALL school supplies: from Crayolas to notebooks, paper clips to labeling machines.

Fountain Pens

But without a doubt, the PEN-ulitmate school supply is The Fountain Pen…It is the diamond earrings of school supplies.  Everything you write with a fountain pen seems more important…

Fountain Pens

You know I am kidding right?  Fountain pens are just fun!

Fountain Pens

I like the balance and feel of a fountain pen in my hand.

Fountain Pens

The cases and nibs are beautiful.

Fountain Pens

So, the next time you write a letter,

Fountain Pens

Treat yourself to a fountain pen!

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14 thoughts on “The Penultimate School Supply

  1. Me, too! I love school supplies! My son always laughs at me as I buy “extra” notebooks every year. And fountain pens are pretty cool too. Too bad they’re hard to find anymore.

  2. I love school supplies too! I still have Crayola markers and crayons and notebooks and looseleaf paper and boxes of pencils and eraser tops and on and on. I haven’t actually bought these things in a couple of years. We keep using up my stash, but I still have more. No wonder my husband calls me a hoarder! (Not really that bad. It is all contained to one desk.) It was really about fountain pens, but I don’t have one, although calligraphy is probably my next crafty educational foray.

  3. Another school supply junkie here. However, I have never had a fountain pen. I always thought they were messy. I am very picky about how pen feels on paper. Maybe I should give these a try, eh? 🙂

      • Hi, Lori, Just now read through these replies – my added comment is that I think it is strange that so many parents opt out of this ready-made prologue to a new school year by letting the schools simply plop down on the students’ desk the pile of “here’s-the-stuff-from-the-school-supply-list-so -you-can-take-yourselves-out-of-this-part-of-the-equation”. When our kids were in grade school, this was a HUGE deal and something to which we looked forward. I will gladly take grandchildren school shopping!

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