The Fabulous Flower–Tuesday Tutorial

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Have you heard the poem, “April showers bring May flowers…”  It is raining here, so we better get a start on our garden of flowers!

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

This flower  is larger in scale than most of the tutorials we have worked on to date.  It is stitched in 5 simple passes.  That sounds complicated, but it is not!

The “rails”-(our drawn guidelines)- are 1-1/4 inch apart.  The entire motif is 2-1/2 inches wide.

Start by stitching a row of spirals down the center line.  This is the first “pass”.   (There are two spiral tutorials start here, then review here-or in the Quilt Tab above.)

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

The second “pass” stitching forms the petals on the right side of the motif.  –Stitch scallops around the circle of the spiral.  If the spiral “tail” is long, stitch next to it to form a stem.  Add a leaf if there is extra room.  It is not necessary to add a leaf for every flower–in fact, I find it more interesting if the leaves are different and added in an irregular pattern.

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Next, we will stitch the “third pass”–the left-sided petals.  Again, stitch scallops around the spiral, and around the “tail” of the spiral.  Here again, if the tail is long, you may stitch along side of it to create a stem look, or stitch scallops.  Add a leaf here and there…

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

The final two “passes” give the motif a very polished, finished look–and they are the easiest…Simply echo quilt along each side of the flower!

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Hmm…Mother’s Day is just around the corner…

The Large Flower, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Tomorrow is Work in Progress Wednesday–I will be finishing a table runner featuring The Fabulous Flower

Next week:  We will begin working with circles!

And as always,  thanks for pinning on Pinterest!

36 thoughts on “The Fabulous Flower–Tuesday Tutorial

  1. I always look forward to your new tutorials. This one is really great, I love the flowers. Thanks so much for sharing with us each week.

  2. I truly, TRULY appreciate the time you take to break down these free motion techniques. You make them *doable* for those of us who struggle to learn & master this art. I’ve filled several quilt “sandwiches” since discovering your wonderful blog. Thank you & please continue to share your talents?


  3. ooops…forgot to ask…would you mind showing how you did the REST of this tablerunner, too? Did you pre-mark the straight lines to get them so evenly spaced? Did you track along the final outline scallops to move from one to the other? How do you get your little circles so perfect in size & shape? Sorry for all the questions!!

    • Dear Rett, I am delighted to receive your questions…it really helps me understand what readers are looking for. I will do a post on making the tablerunner, and next Tuesday the tutorial is on how to make circles.
      In the mean time, I do pre-mark the lines for the circles. I did track along (or echo-quilt) the scallops, and circles take practice–but mine are NOT perfect. I never see perfection as the goal–they repetition of the pattern often gives the impression of perfection, but if you look at each circle–most are not perfect.

      • Thank you so much, Lori, for explaining & doing the demos. You have helped me get over my fear of free motion more than any other quilter…honest! I had just about given up on being able to do anything other than a stiple & a meander. Got those down pretty well but anything more intricate, I struggle.
        I truly enjoy receiving your blog posts via my “INBOX” LOL

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  9. Great tutorial and great design! I have to try it. (BTW, I also like the other design you did on the quilt: beautiful work!)

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  11. Oh, thank you Your tutorial was so easy to follow. I’m so grateful. It helped me out a lot I am incorporating it into a quilt for my sister. She means so much to me and she is just like your flower — beautiful!.

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