Baseball Opening Day

Baseball Bats, Photography, Opening Day

It may not feel like Spring, but today is major league baseball’s opening day–so warm weather can not be far behind.

Baseball Bats, Photography, Opening Day

I hail from a divided family:  my father was a Chicago White Sox fan, but my mother is a die-hard Cubs fan.   (For the sake of family harmony, my father eventually converted to the Cubs.)  When I moved to Minnesota, I fell hard for the Minnesota Twins.  They are an easy team to love with players like Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau…

Today’s game: 3:10 pm, Target Field, Detroit Tigers

Go Twins!

Baseball Bats, Photography, Opening Day

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Go, Mavericks!

2 thoughts on “Baseball Opening Day

  1. We are a house divided too! I am die hard AZ Diamondback fan and our son loves ANYTHING Boston. (he was born in Korea, lived his WHOLE life in AZ, and LOVES Boston! GO figure!) Luckily we dont have any Dodger or Yankee fans in our immediate family, so harmony reigns! (oh..and our teams are in diff leagues!)

    Go D-backs! Go Red Sox!

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