Ruby’s In the Dog House

Ruby, Stairs, Australian Shepherd

Ruby is “persona non-grata” –(canis non-grata?) around here today.  Our cheerful Australian shepherd has gotten into the bad habit of not coming in the house when she is called.  She tries to lure us outside to play…but sometimes…people have to go to work…and chasing a dog for 15 minutes…well, you know…Any dog whisperers out there with suggestions?

Ruby, Australian Shepherd


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18 thoughts on “Ruby’s In the Dog House

  1. Maybe adding an extra half hour with your time for time with Ruby? Ruby is going to be missing you during your time at work. Be Blessed,Mtetar

  2. Our Basset does the same, even still, on occasion. But we’ve cut the incidents way down with one particular dog biscuit. The pups have learned they receive this one only on special occasions… when they return without second request after being busted over on the other side of the fence, beyond and around our hay field.

    We find that if we scold and punish with restriction after we, finally, get them back home, they tend to ‘run away’ more often and with less interest in coming back at all.

    She HAS, actually, attempted pulling the stunt a few times in a row, just to get that special biscuit. She was handed half of the ‘ usual treat ‘ and told the special one is a one-time ‘get out of jail card’ that keeps her alive! lol

  3. Well the best suggestion I have to break such behavior is to make going inside with you more fun then staying outside. For example, if she’s ball motivated, play a little with a ball (or whatever her favorite toy/game is) whenever she’s come back into the house. If she’s food motivated, make sure there’s a tasty snack waiting for her when she comes in along with a lot of praise etc. It might take a little while but she’s surely a clever girl considering her breed, so she should hopefully quite quickly get the idea; “going inside = fun time” instead of “going inside = end of fun time”. =)

  4. I had to walk one of my dogs around the backyard on a leash for about 6 months. He jumped my 6 ft block fence if I let him out in the fenced yard! The stinker! He is older now and not well, so no chasing. Maybe I wish I had a bit of that chasing left to do!

  5. Has to be a very tasty treat and a lot of fuss when Ruby enters the house. Try making a loud intriguing noise inside the house (eg like the sound of treats being rustled or a squeaky toy). Dogs are curious and want to be in the centre of attention. If you go outside to catch her she will think you are joining in her game. If you scold her when she eventually comes to your call she will think you are telling her off for responding to you. Good luck!

    • Ruby is definitely motivated by curiosity. If I have my coat on when I call her she knows she will be going into the crate, so I think that is part of it…Thanks for your tips. I definitely have some new ideas to try!

  6. If she knows she will go into the crate, NEVER use the crate with any tone of voice that might mean ‘bad.’ Make the crate a fun place to be, like a kid’s bedroom. Treats to go in, lots of praise when she does. Remember, the crate is always a happy place, never used for punishment.

    I have basenjis, considered to be one of the worst breeds when it comes to training, and using a treat for getting anything from a basenji is acceptable. Use it for her too

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