13 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie…

  1. I chuckled as we have the same rule. Yet when our dog was having an off day, my husband was encouraging her to get on the couch!

    • LOL! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the dogs feel hit the ground when they hear me coming…and just as often, they don’t even bother to get down until I bribe them off with a treat! Who’s trained?

  2. But they are so sweet when they are sleeping.
    We had that rule and mostly enforced it until we got our deaf rescue Abby… she didn’t know those rules… lol

  3. I pick my battles and have given up on that one—but appreciate and applaud those of you who are able to manage it. Lots of love to the dogs in our life!

  4. We never see our dog on the sofa – she knows that she is not allowed on the furniture. She is so well-behaved. However we have noticed on occasions that the cushions are warm to touch when we have been out of the room for a while. She is not well-behaved – just fast!

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