Kiss the Blarney Stone-Giveaway

Shamrock Free Motion Quilting, Giveaway

Today, I am working on a St. Patrick’s Day Doodle Quilt Giveaway!  

Shamrock Free Motion Quilting, Giveaway

The quilt is scattered with lucky clovers–hope you are the lucky winner!

Shamrock Free Motion Quilting, Giveaway

Just a few stitches left…the winner should have this in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Free Motion Quilting, Giveaway

Just answer one question for me in the “Comments” section….

Shamrock Free Motion Quilting, Giveaway

Would YOU kiss the Blarney Stone?  (maybe you have already?)  Comments will be accepted through Sunday, March 10th.

Shamrock Free Motion Quilting, Giveaway

Next week’s Tuesday Tutorial will be the Free Motion Quilted Shamrock!

34 thoughts on “Kiss the Blarney Stone-Giveaway

  1. Sure I would! It’s in Ireland, right?… some place I would absolutely love to visit some time!!

  2. Your shamrock shake is just gorgeous! My husband would love this. I must admit that I would not kiss anything that I really don’t know what it is, but don’t tell my husband because he is part irish!

  3. I may be going against the flow, but no kissing the blarney stone for me, just a picture would do.

  4. I would definitely kiss the Blarney Stone… I hope to some day as Ireland is at the TOP of my visit list. 🙂 Gorgeous green quilt! Just found your blog ~Laurie

  5. One of these days, I’ll get to kiss the rock! It is on my Bucket List.
    In the meantime, I would LOVE to win your beautiful St. Paddy’s Day quilt. I have just discovered your wonderful blog & signed up to receive your postings via email just last week. How LUCKY can you get?

  6. As I understand it, you have to lean over backwards, and since I have vertigo I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to kiss it. But I’d love to SEE it, lol.

  7. I *have* kissed the Blarney Stone~! My mother made me. 😀 If she wasn’t in terminal cancer stage, watching from the ground, I would have chickened out. You have to lean way over the edge, and it seems you will fall to your death!

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  9. No, I wouldn’t kiss the blarney stone, but I would love to squeeze this quilt, it’s beautiful!

  10. I kissed the stone in 1988 – not at all what I expected. I walked to the top of the castle up an old narrow stone staircase following a very large English woman in heels. I watched her feet the whole way up bracing myself in case she missed a step and came tumbling down on me.

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  14. I most definitely would! Heck, I would probably be so happy to be in Ireland I just might kiss some sheep as well! After a couple o’ Pints of course!

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