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If you have three minutes to spare today, I think you will enjoy this very short video about a Dutch artist named Theo Jansen.

Amazing!   (Bonus:  the setting is a sunny, quiet beach.)  Theo Jansen: Kinetic Sculpture

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The Witch of Fox Point I

The Witch of Fox Point II

A Good Day to Sew…

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Another cold day in sunny Minnesota…  I hope to get time in my sewing room.  I am working on a free motion quilting project/tutorial using all of the motifs we have learned so far.  I hope you have been practicing!  Even if you don’t have time to stitch the motifs, it is very helpful to practice doodling them on paper.  Please check out the Quilts tab above and try one tutorial each day this week.  Anyone interested in a Link Up—sharing photos of your doodles or practice pieces?  I’d love to see them!

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WIP-English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Hand Dyed Fabrics

Inspired by my two sisters who are working on Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts, I decided to give English paper piecing a whirl.  The little hexagons makes a great take-along project.  The pieces are small and all the supplies can fit into a purse-sized tin.

I decided to put my spin on this classic by stitching it in bright hand-dyed fabrics.  Unfortunately, I typically use a very tightly woven fabric for my hand-dyes.  The tight weave takes the dye very well and the colors are very vivid.  However, the tight weave means it is more difficult to hand stitch.    I haven’t dyed fabric in a while…now I have my excuse!

English Paper Piecing, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Hand Dyed Fabrics