WIP-English Paper Piecing

English Paper Piecing, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Hand Dyed Fabrics

Inspired by my two sisters who are working on Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts, I decided to give English paper piecing a whirl.  The little hexagons makes a great take-along project.  The pieces are small and all the supplies can fit into a purse-sized tin.

I decided to put my spin on this classic by stitching it in bright hand-dyed fabrics.  Unfortunately, I typically use a very tightly woven fabric for my hand-dyes.  The tight weave takes the dye very well and the colors are very vivid.  However, the tight weave means it is more difficult to hand stitch.    I haven’t dyed fabric in a while…now I have my excuse!

English Paper Piecing, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Hand Dyed Fabrics

13 thoughts on “WIP-English Paper Piecing

  1. I like your hexagon project very much. Even though it is a grandmother’s flower garden, and I’m not so sure about doing that with hexagons, I just love how the colors flow together. I have a funny feeling I’m to love your finished quilt.

  2. I too love doing English Paper Piecing! I have done 1/2″ hexagons, but just recently bought a kit for a project in the recent Primitive Quilts Magazine that uses 1/4″ hexagons — that’ll be a good challenge for me! I love yours with your hand dyed fabrics 🙂

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