Tuesday Tutorial–Let’s Twist Again

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

I hope you are still singing a happy tune, after a twisting tutorial last Tuesday…If you thought that was fun, wait until you give this a twirl…(okay, enough with the T’s…)  This border and filler design looks much harder than it is…I promise!

Start by drawing your “rails”. These rails are one inch apart.  Begin stitching on the bottom rail and stitch upward at a slight angle to the top rail. Stop.  Stitch a few stitches along the top rail and to the left…Stop here…

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Next, stitch back to the bottom rail–angling slightly…

Stitch to left, along the rail again…


Then repeat…

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Here are the three steps…

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

You may choose to space the twists…this is a great border…

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

or bring the repeats close together creating a complicated looking Diamond Pattern Border.

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The final variation for your consideration today:  place a small twist in between each large twist…let’s call it the Bow Tie Border...(I’m making these names up as we go along–so if you have any better suggestions speak up!)

Twist Again, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

The Twist and The Twist Again make great borders, but will also fill odd spaces nicely….hmm…I’m thinking of a few more tutorials on how to use all of these patterns…

Please give these twists and turns a try before next Tuesday’s Tutorials on Tabletopper Tangles (just kidding…)

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Tutorial–Let’s Twist Again

    • Thanks for noticing my new banner! I will be doing a post on the banner-it is a wedding quilt we gave my daughter and her new husband.
      This tutorial is not for the computerized decorative stitches on the sewing machine—this is how to sew them “free motion style”!

  1. Thank you so much for your tutorials! I don’t think I would have gotten very far in my quest to learn how to fmq were it not for generous people like you!

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